If someone arrives at your listing to dropoff material and has not signed up for Replenysh, you can use the Guest Check-In feature to help you accurately track how many people visit your listing.

If the guest would like to sign-up, you will have the option to enter an email address or phone number and Replenysh will automatically invite them to download the app for use on future visits.

Note: If you invite a guest and they don’t download the app, we’ll still track their future check-ins so when they eventually sign up, the previous check-ins will be attributed to their account.

To check-in a guest at your listing:

  1. Open the Replenysh app

  2. Tap on the Account icon and select ‘Switch to Check-In mode’

  3. Tap ‘Guest Check-In’

  4. (Optional) Enter guest’s email address and/or phone number

    1. This will send a notification to the guest with more information and a link to download the Replenysh app

  5. Tap ‘Done’

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