Replenysh was built from the ground-up with the consumer experience in mind. We knew the infrastructure to help brands recover their materials from customers didn’t exist, so we set out to build it using the latest technologies, tools and talent.

Traditional recycling is collected mixed (i.e. single stream) and then requires sorting by humans and machines at a recycling center — resulting in contamination, added costs and the majority of material ending up in a landfill. This means your favorite brands can’t reuse these materials and we have to keep mining materials from this planet we call home.

When you use Replenysh, materials stay separate through the entire process, which means they can be reused by the brands again and again. We call this a circular economy and it’s the future we should all be excited about. This allows brands to reward Replenysh members to do the right thing and help communities monetize their materials so they can thrive.

We’re in this together 💪🌎

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