There are tons of ways to drive more material to your listing and we encourage you to get creative!

Here’s some recommendations to get started:

  1. The number one most effective way to promote your listing is to simply tell people! Word-of-mouth is powerful in every community.

  2. If you belong to a group (book club, mother’s group, runner’s club, church, etc.), tell everyone you are now accepting materials and can help anyone make an immediate impact by keeping things out of the landfill.

  3. Social media platforms are a major opportunity to expand your business. If you don't have one already, create a Facebook page and invite all of your friends. Post regularly with a call to action on every post (e.g. Download the app, bring us materials, etc) to keep your listing top of mind.

  4. Post on Facebook. Tell people what materials you're accepting and when they can dropoff.

  5. Post to the neighborhood app “Nextdoor” and tell the community there's a new place in town that's helping them make an impact.

  6. Talk about your listing to family members and friends. Even if they wouldn’t participate personally, they may know someone that needs it or would want to use it. Referrals are your best friend.

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