Impact — We built Replenysh because there wasn't a good way for us to give our products back to the brands we loved. Brands want to reuse materials in their products, but don't have a good way to get the materials they need back from customers. We started our journey by asking ourselves: "What if the brand's customer became the supplier?"

We believe people want to do the right thing, they just don’t have the right tools, so we’ve set out to build a platform dedicated to empowering real impact and solving one of the biggest problems humanity faces — waste and pollution.

Community — Waste is a human-created concept, and one that can be fixed with current technology. By building communities around the globe, and showing people the true value of everyday materials, we can incentivize every human to do the right thing.

Transparency — Traditional material recovery and recycling efforts are broken. The entire process was a black box and lacked trust, so we've reimagined the entire system from the ground up. This means telling people where the materials go, what they're made into and which brands are actually reusing materials in their products. Transparency builds trust which increases participation on a global level.

Experience-first — This cannot be done with yesterday’s tools and technology. We’re leveraging thoughtful design powered by best-in-class technology to create flexible tools for leading brands and inspired citizens.

You can learn more about our approach in this blog post: An Opportunity to Evolve.

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