Before you copy and paste the template below, replace the bolded text in brackets {{example}} with details specific to your listing. You can find the direct link to your listing on your host dashboard. 

Post this to your Facebook page or send as an email to parents of students.

--------------------------------Start SCHOOL Template ---------------------------------

{{School name}} is now a Replenysh host!

Here's what that means and how it works:

1️⃣ Students can now drop off recyclable materials at our school! Every pound of material you drop off helps us earn money for {{reason you became a host}}.

2️⃣ The material gets collected and sent directly to brands who will reuse the material in new products. Because we ask you to sort the material before dropping off, we can ensure it stays out of the landfill!

3️⃣ Track how much material we've collected in the Replenysh mobile app or via SMS!

👉 Join Replenysh to see which materials we accept and get more info (it's free): {{link to listing}}}

--------------------------------End SCHOOL Template ---------------------------------

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