As a Replenysh Host, you're creating impact in multiple ways throughout your community.

To start, you're bringing people in your neighborhood together for a shared purpose of keeping materials out of the landfill and protecting this planet we call home. That alone, is an amazing feat.

By hosting, you're also creating local jobs. Replenysh trains and pays a collector to pickup the material and transport to a local recycling facility. Replenysh empowers your community to work together to solve a global issue and as it grows, these jobs are reliable sources of income for people who need it.

Local impact is also created by the act of collecting materials that otherwise would have been sent to the landfill. Members feel a sense of stewardship, or responsibility, for what happens to their products after we're done with them — and Replenysh helps build trust in the system so they know that what they're doing matters.

By hosting on Replenysh, you're helping your community THRIVE!

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