What is a host?

Hosts are organizations, businesses, or individuals who accept source-separated materials and look to monetize those materials. To be a host, you need to have space available to store materials and be willing to accept those materials from community members.

Why be a host?

  • Provide your community with a convenient, free and delightful experience to keep their materials out of the landfill

  • Earn money for you or your organization

  • Drive foot traffic to your business

Some hosts use their Replenysh earnings to amplify their organization's mission. Others use it to donate to a local charity or help pay for community improvements. Whatever your goals, hosting on Replenysh can be a great way to earn some extra income or simply drive foot traffic to your business.

How does it work?

  1. Become a host — Sign up to be a Replenysh Host and customize your listing

  2. Accept materials — Members use the Replenysh app to find your listing and bring you materials to store in super sacks

  3. Earn — We’ll collect super sacks when full and pay you the material value, plus reports to track your impact

More material, more earnings

By hosting on Replenysh, you can promote your listing to community members and provide them with a convenient, free and delightful experience to keep materials out of the landfill. We'll handle everything from sign up pages to transportation to payouts. The more people who show up to your listing, the more material is collected and the more earnings for you or your organization.

Getting paid

When material is collected from your listing, it will be sold to a nearby facility and Replenysh will pay via direct deposit into your bank account. It's totally up to you how to spend the earnings.

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