Let's walk through what an event looks like for a Replenysh member.


  1. You'll want to start out by finding out when your next event is. Check your local network page (sent in your welcome SMS) for details.

  2. Identify what materials are accepted at the event. The items will be listed on each event page (example: https://replenysh.com/event/bristow-dropoff-006)

  3. Start saving your items! Make sure to keep them separate, otherwise it creates contamination and they will not be worth anything. Watch the video below to learn tips & tricks.

4. You'll receive a reminder the day before the event via SMS.

5. Pro-tip: Tell your friends & neighbors about the event to amplify your impact! You can even offer to pick their items up on your way to the event.

Day of Event

  1. Drive/walk/bike/carpool to the address listed for the event. You will typically see a large truck and multiple volunteers helping out with the event.

  2. In most cases, volunteers will grab the items directly from your vehicle when you pull up to the event. If no volunteer is available, simply park and empty your items into the labeled white "super sacks" which contain the individual material types.

  3. Done.That was easy! You just made a huge impact in your community and ensured those materials stay out of the landfill. Nice job!


  1. You'll receive an SMS with the impact your community made from the event. Things like how much material was collected, amount earned/donated, and where the material was taken and made into.

  2. Start preparing for the next event! This is an ongoing effort to keep this planet beautiful.

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