A Replenysh event is an in-person activity to collect used products and materials for reuse, organized by local hosts.

Events enable brands who need the raw materials to make new products to connect with local communities — ensuring there is a convenient and free way to keep those materials in use.

Collection events are organized by local hosts who want to monetize their community's materials, and ensure items (i.e. plastic bottles, aluminum cans, electronics) stay out of the landfill. Replenysh provides everything needed for a great experience, from SMS reminders to transportation of the materials and payouts to the host.

As a member, when you join Replenysh you'll be able to browse and get notified of nearby collection events. Simply bring any of the accepted items, separated, to the event to support your local host and make a positive impact in your community. Replenysh will provide reporting to show you how much material was collected and where it ended up – as proof it was kept out of the landfill.

As a host, you can schedule a collection event at any time. Whether you're trying to raise money for a cause or just meet people in your neighborhood, each event provides an opportunity to bring the community together for a shared purpose of helping end landfills.

Watch an event in Bristow, Oklahoma:

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