Replenysh is a digital platform that connects global brands with local communities to recover materials and eliminate the concept of waste.

What We Do

We transform the way materials are sourced, by working directly with brands who want to make an authentic connection with their customer and help keep materials out of the landfill.

At a local level, we provide communities the tools they need to make every home and business a material supplier and help foster relationships with brands they love.

How We Do It

The only way we can solve this problem is by providing tools that work at a global scale, autonomously in each community.

  1. Brands - Brands create a campaign to recover specific products or materials

  2. Hosts - Anyone can become a host and monetize materials from their community

  3. Members - Members of the community bring materials to hosts

Thrive Together - Brands get materials to make new products, members feel part of the solution, community impact is measurable

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